Developing Negatives Checksheet

From Medium Format Photography
Black and White Negative Developing Sequence

Here is a general sequence for developing negatives. If you wind up using a different developer, note at and the developing time. Make sure your water and chemicals are at 68 degrees F or 20 degrees C.

1a) (Ilfosol 3) 7 1/2 minutes – agitate for about 30 seconds every 30 seconds. (Agitate means rock gently upside down in a stainless tank)
1b) (D-76) 8 minutes – agitate every 30 seconds.

Stop bath
1 minute. Tap on the tank in 15 one second intervals to dislodge any bubbles.
Wash in running water for 1 minute.

Hypo Clearing Agent (optional)
1 minute.

5-10 minutes in fixer. I always fix for 10 minutes. Tap every once in a while to dislodge any bubbles.

At this point you can take off the film tank cover.
20 minutes. I always wash for 20 minutes. All this entails is letting a trickle of water run into the open tank.

2 drops – I empty the tank, fill it up with distilled water and add the photo-flow. Let it sit for about a minute.

Hang the negatives and let them dry for at least two hours.

Below is a PDF file for your download.

Developing Sequence